Mr Nyerere had the black man revolution dream: both the West and the East hated him for it…’ on the conflict of interests’ Magufuli has to be careful: On whom he makes friends with.  Pictured with Machel and Kaunda                                                                                                                                                                                          

“Speaking after swearing-in the committee members, Dr Magufuli said he decided to form a team of experienced scientists so that they can represent over 50 million Tanzanians who are eager to know the truth on their natural resource.”Currently, the world is in the fight for a stronger economy, which among others include the mining sector, therefore, you need to fight for over 50 million people to establish the real truth,” he said, advising the team to remain firm.”[2]


John Pombe Magufuli: A fifth Tanzanian President

We a few of us understand you: it is not simple a task an abruptly withdrawal from toxic water you already are swimming in, Here are only few tips from your own ancestors: canny of the fox, cautiousness of the cat, mystic of the owl and Justice of the serpent.  My President: low is not the burden on your shoulders, it is not easy, though there is hope. To return this country back into track, takes more than a heart and mind, but the soul and spirit. This is so deep. Not only Tanzania or Africa, and your stances affect the globe itself. It is beyond the party politics and partisan. Where we are headed’ the focus shall, and it must be measured not on individuals pride, self ego and material wealth gained, rather the black man progressive welfare and African continent position on the global, social-political, economic-cultural and scientific scale. The frightening fact here is losing us on the pretext of globalization, the challenge to hang on to our own poles amidst stronger tides or get lost. To know our position, why are we on it, what are the stakes and interests. Africa is a black narrative on the blink of extinction. How far are we going to neglect our identity in terms of our skin color? How far are we going to whitefy ourselves physically and ideologically? Haven’t Christianity and Islam done enough bleaching job, to repaint our mindscapes? So Far so good! Suddenly things are happening, which only couple of years ago, and they were the impossibilities’ One cease not to wonder why now and not before? You have an air of a selfless man. That kind of spirit from which: true love and African liberation truly shall come from.


Walter Rodney (1942- 1980)

On the picture above just to remind you’ it is our brother Walter Rodney, our Prophet to be precise. My President, ‘follow the way of your ancestors, and the sacred words they the uttered. Be they thy guidance and hammered nails of the confirmed. Of course you’re not an Angel, and no one should judge you in their realm, but neither should anyone Judge you any the less, man is above angels, a man who knows his place, in the big creation building. The pyramid stands for Truth, righteousness and justice. You probably could be wondering who this guy is…? In case you tramp onto this article.  Worry not; it is me: humble your servant at your service, right by your side” The High Priest of Khemet. I was there when you were sworn in, when you took over the helms. They did it by the Quran and the Bible, but I did it with Thunder, lightning and fire, by our ancient ritual: Behold ‘I am the present. Follow your way Mr. President, and do not go back on your word, be an-upright man. See those pretending to hate you now’ they will love you after, and those loving you now: will hate you, when the right time comes.

Because this is to be asserted in general of men, that they are ungrateful, fickle, false, cowardly, covetous, and as long as you succeed they are yours entirely; they will offer you their blood, property, life and children, as is said above, when the need is far distant; but when it approaches they turn against you.   and men have less scruple in offending one who is beloved than one who is feared, for love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails…., ‘…. I say that every prince ought to desire to be considered clement and not cruel. Nevertheless he ought to take care not to misuse this clemency.”[5]

Was it not your predecessor who fell off grace before them and you? Only recently they shouted at him proclaiming they have missed him! My King Just do your job, wait not for praises or curses. There is only one true judge of the living and the dead, of everything in, on and beyond the earth surface: the hidden one, the source, to whom we all shall return. Be like Thomas Sankara, another High priest of our people, who was murdered by his own kin and kith.


Thomas Sankara wanted to be remembered as someone who was helpful to humanity, recently finally history catch-up with his murderer “Blaise Compaore”[7]

You know when the news circulated that the US President poured you praises’ I was overwhelmed with happiness. But turns out to be a scam, I was so down trodden. Of course he should, and why not? You’re ever doing so well. But on the other hand why should he? Since when did they appraise African leaders’ attempts towards righteousness, justice and truth? They enjoy secretly the plight of black continent and its people, because they are the sole beneficiaries of our loss, in terms of its resources, markets, cheap labor etc. If praises they would have praised the said late Sankara, or Amilca Cabral, Patrice Lumumba, who was murdered by The American puppet regime of Seseko Mobutu’ or Nyerere or Mandela. The last was labeled terrorist, even after receiving the Nobel peace prize. Do not be fazed or intimidated, internally or abroad, have your own stand I retaliate. Yes most of us do have a problem: it is called nothing done by a Blackman is perfect, until proven by Europe, or anyone else, just not black” It is very deep rooted psychologically. I myself a victim of it, until when I was awakened! Can’t blame ourselves: from mercantilism, racism/slavery to colonialism and now globalization. We have been so very well set up, aligned for exploitation. We will have to restore our history, by a complete disengage from what they brought to us. I am sorry Mr. President, but that includes formal religions. Before I forget, about the embassy of Israel’ Mr. President: As Tanzanians we were not involved, we just heard ‘it has been reinstated! But we do not know why it was ceased in the first place! Let not your decisions: be clouded by your religious allegiances. Do not be bullied, we are not aligned; do not forget the founding father stances. The government has no religion! Thank you for scrutinizing the mineral sector, and the ministry of tourism, previously the untouchables. I can’t but help thinking where does all the wealth go? What is wrong with black people? Why are we not yet united, why are we hesitating to form one huge power block, to affect our vote in strong global decisions, like the UN, IMF& WORLD BANK.?  How long shall we play third fiddles? Testimony of history shows us Africa was the first global superpower, exerting its influence in both Asia and Europe during the classical antiquity.


President John Magufuli poses for souvenir photo with the Hindu Swaminarayan leader, Mahant Swami Maharaj and his delegation when the latter visited state house in Dar es Salaam 

On the picture above, people from afar off lands comes to pay their respects, to a black leader. They bring gifts to express honor, wishing you peace and success. It reminds me of the Magi and baby Jesus. The picture took me afar off, contemplating on the black race. The Hindu leader represents what is India. Hindu is the highest populated religious creed in India. Hindu has survived centuries of Monotheism advancements in India. Hindu is the spirit of India. The crown, the heart of India’ But my King is wearing a suit?? My President; yours is the Priesthood of the Highest class. You’re the mediator of the black race’ know thy self and thy place in this grand plan. You’re the King, because ours is the lineage of Kings, from time immemorial, eternal, we have had to be slaves, and colonized as trials, to earn our title, to prove ourselves. My dear President’ Please: be moderate in your punishment, do not rinse your hands with unnecessary blood. It leaves behind un-cleansable marks. Know thy part in the story, be the act. In your punishment my King, there is three key stages. One for trivial mistakes, be low your punishment. To some things don’t pay attention. Attention could be your weakness. Once people know your weakness, they will keep hitting the same spot. Do not give them that advantage, ignore them, don’t be intimidated, let nobody read your mind, keep them in suspense, not knowing what is in store for them, only you know, there is plenty! The second class of punishment is medium; once your sure of you’re righteous, justified and truthful move, let them know they are confronting what they can’t withstand. Yes warn them and suspend them, do not just sack them, once you sack someone, it should be followed by a punishment. Make them understand the big picture, its called purpose’ and give them another chance. Finally the final piece, maximum punishment, for direct disrespect of order, and expose the country first, not you the president into danger. My King put the nation ahead of your self ego. Now these you can inform, for what ever befalls them, their blood shall be upon their own heads. My King do please wear: your traditional attire, at least once in a year. On the days of your choice, that will be the AFRICAN HISTORY DAY, this struggle is beyond Tanzania, Tanzania merely a component, this is HUMAN liberation move. My dear president”, ‘My King:” Yes I do love you”


In African attire, Nyerere set an example of a true prince


Not like your predecessor who wore expensive suits and Kanzus throughout their presidential tenures. Especially like the picture above, I wish you were wearing shuka rubega, with your spear, making a point that: Africa is still alive. Very much alive! Finally my King, think about cheap affordable houses for your people. That this nation finally is in a design and planned’ and tackle the chronic litter issue. Thank you for reinstating the national service (JKT), and our Air Tanzania Dar es Salaam. We recently even sent our air personnel to Ethiopia for various trainings. Do learn from those who have excelled in various fields. At the point of the pyramid is African unity. One Africa, negotiating business and other economic matters based on its own strength. Yes your leading by example, also read the sign of the times. The most powerful is he/she who can stop time. I will be honest and prude: Israel is a problem. You needed to instigate before the broad decision of opening the embassy. What Jews have done to Europe, is what Asians have done with African continent. The said are parasitic and virulent who treats black people as beasts. At least Arabs, they have built us so many Mosques. Indians are worse, racist, abusing our ladies, punishing even killing theirs for running with black men. They are all about themselves. I will spare the subject for my book[10]. They live as a state within any state. Investing all they take elsewhere. You will not see them kwa Mtogole or Mnyamani, but wherever there are nice infrastructures, in the city centre, in a class of their own. With Mwendo kasi they are now crawling from Upanga and Mbezi Beach to our uswahilini sides. Yes they will buy us of, and we shall keep moving further interior. Until one day we reach the frontier, and then we shall fight back! President Nyerere (bless him) was trying to follow German, and Adolf Hitler Nationalism. Today those he failed to expel are of the wealthiest business families, who have done a very good job exploiting this country. But be cautious, make friendship not enmity. Restore love. All we need is love. Don’t forget the voice of the people, is the voice of God. Be they your servants, you at their service. Thank you my King, and stay blessed. But do not worry, behold I am present, ever was, always shall be”


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