09 10 2015


Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara © soleil4eve

Today its different. Terrorism sounds much more, as it fills in the vacuum left by the leftist revolutionaries. God knows how much is spent to combat or promote terror! Das Capital is laughing in the photo above’ Its like I got you guys. I will Kill you..hahahha. Indeed He will with his drones. The Last Charade in the Capital world was that of David Cameron pig scandal.David Cameron has said lurid allegations about his involvement in a university initiation ceremony are untrue as he criticised the former Conservative donor behind the allegations.[1].


360nobs – Home

David Cameron

Him and his gang of rich white boys, performing demonic initiation ritual, a ku klux klan ritual who knows? But before that the most essential one was that of US lifting the Cuban embargo. that warmed the justice lovers world. woouuh, finally…how Cuba put the rest of us into shame! Holding on tight to her dignity and pride. Cuba kept her virginity while we all have been raped by Mr Das Capital. War in terror has caused an influx in migration issue in the middle east. While the big boys are flexing their muscles. We are worrying of what we gonna eat tomorrow! Most of developing country governments are in debts. As such they don’t own any of their immense resources. You know all of that Greece crisis, in’it? In the Black land it worsening. Terror groups are getting more powerful. Petrol money, and weaponry business keep the instability going. why not?Less Western charity workers will lose their jobs. War and ethnic cleansing wherever there is precious metals. The economic rise of China, India and Brazil in the Latin America does not alter any facts. Of perilous poverty among the populous masses. Without changing the lively hood of the people, an economic system is doomed a failure.

casto comanda3


Fidel Castro

patria o muerte

Some wish him dead, but he is still kicking on, and History have dissolved him.

This potpourri of lies called capitalism have got us so far! We had better stop now and look back. Back to the human vision. The human family! The West have so messed up this world. Its in the state of emergence!. the miss use of economic power concentrated in the west, to subject those with a different vision into  none humans. The empire is ruling still, behind the scenes, disguised as the cross and the six pointed star! While the moon and the crescent is being played a clown in the circus! If you don’t know what I am talking about, cut your crap! Revolution is about human justice, actually revolution is love. It knows no religious creeds, or race, its the people. About the people.Your not dealing with the west, but many mini Das capitals. While india, China, Asia,Black Land spits on each other,Europe overrides us all. We from the black land are the last in the pecking order. Of serving the master. Its a wake up call, the 5th international! Of Economic justice of humans across the globe. It is our world. Brotherhood across the globe.




But this world needs justice today, love and brotherhood, more than ever before.

….’ when death is a concept a thousand times present, and victory a myth only a revolutionary can dream of.*

Thank you so much for the love Ernesto Guevara. Rest in Peace, we shall carry it on’

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/david-cameron/11895045/David-Cameron-denies-pig-initiation-ceremony-claims.html

        *Che Guevara Speaks,Pathfinder Press, 1967,pg.104


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