3rd November 2014


Those who brings you into power, same have the power to take you out.!And those who support you against the will of the people same will support the people against you when you time is up. History  be witness’ From Hosni Mubaraq, to Muammar Qhadafi, from Saddam Hussein, To Jonas Savimbi, of course no one becomes a President without the blessing of Das Capital interests. Capital interests spins the world. Is why No one cares how long Nyasingbe Eyadema stayed in  Power! So long as he has support from those in the high place. Nobody cared when he left  the office to his Son Faure Eyadema! But every one cares about Robert Mugabe, cause he violates the rule. Strange he is still alive, many like him end up dead. Sankara, Machel, Mondlane, Amilca Cabral etc. Africa shouldn’t rise up. It should stay in the bottom. For the capital interests! So we need as few Mandelas, and Sankaras,  Nyereres’  as possible but so very many Compaores…and we shall support them in every way, to keep Africa crippled!  But when you time is up, its up! You can not fool all the people all the time. Finally the Blood of the martyrs catches up with the murderers. Long live Thomas Sankara!sankara (1)


One thought on “Times up Compaore! G. A. Mwaikoma

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