There is a controversy, always there is about a Khemet Brother

Just too dangerous to  the racist industry is all they were, and are!hdx1

November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970Jimmy Hendrix

It has been said selfish people never fully live to realize their maximum potentials…even though you cannot just give everything to everyone, or you will end playing the guitar to the goats, or throw your diamonds to the pigs, popularly said by Commander Jesus, who also said he who gives will be given, he who don’t’ even the little he has  will be taken. I have noticed something dodgy about African artists. Especially the great ones who have gone un recognized for their brilliant work. I have also seen indiscrimination in the industry,  that openly favors the white artists. I have done my home work, challenge me with facts. What happened to Shabba Ranks, To MC Hammer, Buju Banton, Jimmy Hendrix,


 2pac June 16, 1971-13, 1996

 2Pac? Is Eminem not a thug?


The most successiful Rapper

Yet crowned the greates rapper of the century! why: a white boy, so many awards. Has Eminem not sung songs with explicit messeges? it doesnt matter he is white. With Shabba and Buju,


Shabba Ranks January 17, 1966 (age 48)


Buju Banton July 15, 1973 (age 41)Now in prison for allegedly drug dealings

there is this thing called same sex relations. Dont even touch it, it has taken away all our freedom of opinion! We get because we give with pure hearts. Dr Dre brought Eminem into the scene. Nas brought Bieber into the scene,


Bieber: March 1, 1994 (age 20)

Now far from that child like purity in his eyes, further and further down the pit in that manipulent industry

I tell you if Bieber was a black boy: he would have been forgotten by now, even murdered! Yes that is our lot, because the bread was given to us. So Bruce Lee death was a conspiracy, he took martial arts to foreigners. Concerning Hendrix  you should watch two documentaries about his life. One is in you tube named as ‘The man they made God’ and the other one is Warner Brothers copyright when he perfomed live at Woodstock. After watching them , if you have what it takes you will solve his murder. Because his murderers are the one that made those documentary to justify his death as a drug addict. What happened was Jimmy took  Rock a white music by storm. And he was going to change it. When he left his two white musicians, and brought in couple of black boys, and changed the set up and the sound. But guitar masters must be white…that was his problem. I think with the modern criminal investigation techniquies his case must be treated suspicious, revisited! And the woman who slept with him last a prime suspect. CIAO JIMMY


Your ghost is back to haunt them once again.They dont understand us or we dont understand ourselves! We are Khemetians, Masters of the Arts and crafts.

So what real Happened with Wailers ?


                                                  Bob Marley: The  great Khemet Prophet and                                                     inspiration, yet The divines decided he to have white and Khemet Blood

Yet the Question is the The King begun by being a prince, the prince is the son of the king and queen, so there must be the Father of the King.

So If Bob Marley is The King , The daddy IS


Alton Ellis the greatest

Bob Marley Like Europe he is just a grand child of Khemet, Khemet will always be the origin


Jimmy Cliff: The Greater Father of Reggae


The Khemetian Peter, what was wrong with him? I tell you nothing, He just stood by his post, and it all alright, things were meant to be or are  made to be. Cheer up, Los Negroes en le Mundo


G. Mwaikoma


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