G. A. Mwaikoma


Boko Haram militia sealing the new era of Terror in Africa

All what they do’ In The name of Allah and The Prophet Mohamed, Hence drawing a very thin line between religious faith and fudamentalism. I am not A Moslem, still I dont believe the Prophet Mohamad was about terror. He taught people to love one another. A faithfull man full of forgiveness, its even said on His way back to after conquering Macca upon his arrival he forgived all his enemies’ He declared a general pardon and amnesty for all enemies of Islam except for some staunch, extremist enemies (about four in all) which were condemned by Allah in the Holy Qur’an. Even the prominent leaders like Sohail bin Amr, Sufwan bin Umayyah, Abdullah bin Al Rabia’h and Harith bin Al Hisham were pardoned*  had he been Abu Hamza Khartada or Chowdhury they would have slaughtered them ( would’t they?) Because if we terrorize under the pretext of our faith founder then we are  nothing short of Nazists, still for me you can not size Mohamed with Adolf Hitler. He was a good man’ but these idiots with guns are busy defiling his work.


Jurors saw footage of Hamza telling his followers that non-Muslims could be treated like animals and women and children who were non-believers could be taken captive.

Is that right? Where did Hamza learn that lesson? Human beings have and will always differ in opinions hence cultural and religious torelance is an anecdote of good society. As I have always said religion remains a private affair, handling our differences makes us exemplary humans. This hatred will not get us anywhere. I have been in societies I have seen different religions living in peace and Harmony. That is a society we seek to achieve.


Adebolajo, 29, and Adebowale, 22 ‘Lee Rigby’s killers

That was a very sad story of religious extreems. Vulnerable young stars like the two above becomes preys of hate preachings. What did they say, they are fighting for Allah…for them the political problems in Islamic countries is a result of the West. But is That right?

If under the pretext of Islam girl children are denied the right to education, stoned to death and shot for having sex while men goes free


Meriam Ishag is a 27-year-old Sudanese woman who was raised an Orthodox Christian by her mother. In 2011, she married a Christian man and had a child with him; she is now eight months pregnant with her second child.

This week, she was sentenced to 100 lashes and execution by hanging — all because her absent father was Muslim. Forget about two Iranians who were about to be executed just because they became Christians one being Yousef Nadarkani.

We have experienced terroristic turmoils in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya etc, I wont wait until I am a victim to note the seriousness of the matter’ Brother and sister we were taught to love. What is this all about? Around  1095 Pope Urban proclaimed the First Crusade with the stated goal of restoring Christian access to Holy Places in and near Jerusalem. Why? Because Moslems who had good relations with Christians until then decided to denie Christian the right to their sacred sites in The Holy land they occupied by conquest. Since then the world have never been at rest. My specific message is to the African who are neither Christian or Moslem but caught between the webs of power and blindly dancing to the tunes of the bulls. For me Man as a measure of creation must be ready to sacrifice his ego and accept the fact that pagans or Kaffirs still a human. In Another incident in Nigeria when in one evening gunmen stormed over a school in a remote village of north eastern , Shouting Allahu Akbar and murdered them with single bullets o the heads. 46 boys were killed count not those knifed to death trying to escape!The conflicts goes beyond religion when the militants blames the ruling governments of corruption. In this case Islam has proved more revolutionary reactive than Christianity as we have seen in the Arab awakening, even though some of us looked at it with doubt when behind it we see Western powers crafts. People get tired of being manipulated, told they are poor while the ruling oligarchies living lavish. This is not about Islamic militants, there are Christians ones including Joseph Kony who claims to be establishing a theocratic state based on the TenCommandments and  local Acholi traditions. A point worth noting here is both extremes have their government corruption excuse . The fact we know until now is the militants whoever they are are heavily equipped with arms that goverment solders are afraid of them. Question is where do they get the money to buy the weapons, or who gives them? Isit not a fact that Africans are not known as manufacturers of weapons but buyers? Sure we dont have technology’ do we? or may be we have the weponry one. Another fact is Arms bussiness is among the top profitable. So i Am not saying it just associating African mineral bussiness in exchange for weapons, doesnt that solve the equation of poverty and wherever there is resource there is a war?  Now is this not the west the orchestrator?


In the Middle Abubakar Shekau, also known by the alias Darul Tawheed, is an Islamist leader of the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram. He served as deputy leader to the group’s founder, Mohammed Yusuf, until Yusuf was killed in 2009


Bin Laden CopyCats. The way he came to top ladders as popularized by America, same America brought him down in an Ironic James Bond ‘s You only live twice: burial in the sea!

Question is what the militanys fighting for equal rights and justice or economic and religion superiority?

guevara_che che 12 che te 8 che te 6

Che Guevara: The True revolutionary

Whoever took the rabbit up the tree, the same shall bring him down!The likes of Guevara and Castro for me were the true Revolutionaries, cause they new what they were fighting for. So Shekau and Kony must learn from Cuban Revolution for that stood against everykind of imperialism: Black or white, and establish the peoples power!

* Sahih Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 59, Number 603

Muchas Gracias


Dont Mis Mwaikoma’s Book: A Pre-Requisite for Terror



  1. Very well written. My take – I think Kony and Shekau are fighting for two different causes. Kony however crazy and brutal is for the undermined acholis in Uganda while Shekau is about islamization of nigerians and abolition of western education yet using weapons and other equipments made by western education(technology). Kony appears to be used as an alibi to justify the need for continuation of reign by the ugandans ruling regime. As for Shekau there appear to be more than conspirancy theories, first being extremism supported by the financially strong and influential figures in and out of nigeria.

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