By Gamier Mwaikoma


CHE AND CAMILLO: Philosopher Jean Paul Sartre called Che The most complete human of our times

In this 20th Feb 2014 documentary from Yesterday Channel ‘  I found some quiet amusing bits with regard to informational power. And for those who don’t seek to examine and question informational webs spinning their everyday lives,  swallowing propaganda is an evident reality.The very word intelligence can be defined as a systematic acquiring, processing and generation of information for a strategic purpose of controlling. As we can see the political tension today is informational, from Assange to Snowden and co’. Back in my track the documentary synopsis reads: Though he (Guevara ) is declared a hero by  some, he was Public enemy no 1 to the US.


Felix Rodrigues: The greatest rat of them all! a Bolivian by Birth groomed to be the puppet of the US

In The Sicilian novel by Mario Puzo I like the last page philosophy, when Turi Guilliano is fingured by his best friend and ally to the corrupt Italian and Rome authorities. The irony is as fate has it: the traitor is forever sired to the hero… ‘ But Rodriguez was not Che Friend.  And as good willed as the documentary tries to clear him and the CIA of Che’s blood haunting and taunting. What I am intrigued by are the lies he formulated to  paint his story. Rodriguez is a good example of Power informational strategy since the Roman empire. That of puppeteer AND HIS PUPPETS’ .  The documentary reduces Guevara to a murderer and gangster, Of which we are just as comfortable with’ since Mandela himself was once declared a terrorist by Margaret Thatcher) As of Che the Gangster we are more than complacent since unlike his fellow Gangsters Che managed to stand at UN and address

Che at the UN

The Gangster addressing the UN: 1964 ‘could you imagine J. Dillinger doing that?

the Cuban  revolution issue along the same line unmasking the  organization that calls it self A United entity; while its dictated by one, or only few  in promotion of  imperialism through capital domination! Sizing him with the likes of Bin Laden and Qaddafi worries us not a bit. Unfortunately Che does not fit in!  Lion’s meat does not cook with hyenas and foxes! However Che left documentary of his work that Rodriguez stole and it has been monkeyed around since then. For me that is a great lesson on capitalizing on power through information.  Its all about information’ The reason why Che was declared Public enemy No 1 by the US was not his militancy: His ideology that seek to sensitize the masses. As such revolution becomes a subject of information,counter culturalists are diving beneath the interposed infor’s. Then we have people who new him personally including Castro and brother Raul. Who said many of Felix testimonials were lies, including that of a last photograph of Che and he Felix asked him to smile and look at the sky as per documentary.  Or what he said when he was captured: I am Che Guevara ‘worth to you alive than dead’ all lies just like those other fabricated confusing facts surrounding Bin Laden.

Che captured

The alleged last photograph that Rodrigues claims Che agreed to take with him: On his right is Rodriguez  posing as Pontius Pilate’ US assimilated Bolivian’and on the Left are Bolivian misinformed ,illiterate CIA recruited soldiers’ like Jesus on the Cross’ did not know what they were doing

Che did not speak anything with Rodriguez as he has been bragging about since then. Because Che never spoke to traitors! He executed them! Che Confided to local Bolivian female teacher and her only’ in the house he was chained before his death. What Rodriguez does not say is that Che Spat on his face! Che did not Go white when he was told the news of his fate! He did not fear death, it did not caught him by surprise, for 15 years he lived very close to it. Many times in his speeches he said for a revolutionary its victory or death! He did not even send his final word to his wife to remarry as Rodriguez claims. He did not need to. In the Farewell letter to Castro  and the other to his family Che said everything, He had nothing to say to Rodriguez. The Last bone to pick in this falsehood  production of a documentary is that Che was the Hate preacher towards America. that he enticed hate to the US.  First lets make it clear here that Hate is a greater quality, Fear being great: But Love is greatest and final. The Previous two depends on your stance on the last. As God not only  hates anything un-Godly but he exterminates them. Making him the first hater and assassin. Un Godly in this protoplasm refers to  scrupulous Capital domination that leaves fellow human beings as non-entities, subhumans or minions of despicable me’ film.  Once  Che DEFINED IT MEDICALLY AS DWARFISM.  THE USA’  plus all its allies FORGETTING THE MISERY they  HAVE CAUSED TO THE WORLD, TO THE AFRICANS  and all humans around the globe. The only thing that  Rodriguez spoke truth  bits about was what Che said to his executor: Coward’ You are  only killing a man, but this ideology shall move on” of which I also don’t think so. I think it real was” Dogs to Rodriguez and all his band cause they were less than cowards. They can say whatever they want even  concot some ufo‘s to swing the world. The one sided documentary mention nothing of Che’s Bolivian Guerillas survivors. About six people managed  to escape the ambush, eluding the intense manhunt  after they broke out of the regime encirclement. Two  of them are Benigno  and Harry Villegas A.K.A  Pombo ‘ who later became a Brigadier General of The Cuban People Revolutionary Army.   And this is a quote from his Famous book”AT THE SIDE OF CHE  GUEVARA ( Pathfinder 1997):

“Millions of humans beings now have the possibility to realize their human potential. This is why Che fought, why Fidel has fought, why Men and women of dignity have fought everywhere. This is why the Cuban people resist”

Of Tamara Bunke (later known as “Tania”), who was assigned as Che’s interpreter


Tania The guerilla against Rodriguez the traitor:  A German and a Bolivian on different sides,.Tania for the Cuban and Latin American Liberation, Rodriguez a back-stabber for the USA. Both KGB AND STASI (Russian and German intelligence agencies) have cleared her off’any attachments or working with them!

 She sacrificed her life for the just cause.  A spy ,  no: An informational revolutionary mind is  all what she was.


Stamp of Cuba, 1972, Anniversary of Guerrilla, Tamara Bunke.


Commandante Tanya


Tania :

revolutionary are born revolutionary

But the Spy was Rodriguez, and I wonder who does he call himself less that : Judas, sneak and snitch. After  her education  AT Humbolt University East Berlin’ where  among other things she specialized in languages of which she could speak 5′ including Spanish. Bunke came to live in Cuba  in 1961. Inspired by the idealism of  the Cuban revolution, she first sought out voluntary work, teaching and building homes and schools in the countryside. Contrary to what  documentary claims, Tania was killed in the jungle before Che, not as an Intel-personnel in La Paz, and she was sickly with other guerrillas Che had sent back to Cuba. She always will be along Che as ARCHETYPAL of human spirit triumph. But human beings are informational beings, naturally capable of resistance and will go beyond texts and images. In Felix you can see a greatest traitor of them all. Felix saves an American Guerrilla fighter but he could not do the same to Guevara, not that he should have, but why lie about it? Because its the battle of information after removing Che Physically then to deal with his conviction by brain washing. The likes of Rodriguez are plenty.  Same story with Saddam Hussein even though not in the same campaign like Che, an Iraq trained soldier fingered him . We see today Islamic militantism is actually being promoted so that people forget the true revolutionary objective . Cutting the dream of humanism into a torn rag of  every kind of differences.

cHE un 2

More than anything else Che was a champion of Humanism and idealism, across all extremes, cultural, religious,political etc. A True internationalist’ Overlapping the 20th C, STILL PERTINENT IN THE 21th C, making him more of universal man: HUNDRED MILES AHEAD OF HIS TIME.Foreseeing INCLUDING what is happening now of THE RISE OF CHINA and its destination Africa. China assuming its share of the Berlin Conference, while The US busy taking colonies in the middle East.The best he tried was to get people to the point where their conscience of the information flows, to re-examine and question them, challenge confinements they pose to them before  achieving a full original human potential as he said it himselfIf you sigh with indignation against any form of injustice’ then you are a comrade of mine”

boundaries, Sabotages created around the globe to reverse the course of justice and making sure US A MAINTAINS ITS exploitative enterprise. Including presidents, artists, academics etc. You can not wipe all the will of the people clean like a slate. But the US is not the only top in the jungle any more. Other monsters are on the rise, some leveling, other  even surpassing him. He is suffocating. What the documentary has termed as revolutionary terrorism is the liberation vaccine. In this 21st C and our world with approximate 6 billion people, lets be Frank: next to Jesus’ Che is the most famous man. The USA did just what the Roman empire did ‘ by crucifying Jesus, they made him the most famous man in history. As for me’ might the  world leave me alone! But Revolution is my gospel’and Guevara my Prophet. Along with Socrates, Jesus, St. Paul, Mohammad, Karl Marx and co, Che will remain an epitome of counter-informational-ism. While  the Rodriguez and all their likes usually disappears in the  dusty and shamed pages of history. Hasta la victoria siempre commandante


Tania, the Woman Che Guevara Loved, by José Antonio Friedl Zapata, Planeta, 1997, ISBN 978-3-351-02465-9

Tania: Undercover With Che Guevara in Bolivia, by Ulises Estrada, Ocean Press (AU), 2005, ISBN 1-876175-43-5



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