Beyond freedom of Speech


G. A. Mwaikoma



‘Labour has become embroiled in a fresh anti-Semitism row after a speaker at its conference reportedly said freedom of speech should extend to Holocaust denial…’

This is about free speech, the freedom to criticise and to discuss every issue, whether it’s the Holocaust: yes or no, Palestine, the liberation, the whole spectrum. There should be no limits on the discussion.”

A Labour Party spokeswoman said: “Labour condemns anti-Semitism in the strongest possible terms and our NEC unanimously passed tough new rule changes last week.

“All groupings in the party should treat one another with respect. We will not tolerate anti-Semitism or holocaust denial.”[1]

‘Time to tell the new story or restore the original one?’ “Trump, North Korea, hurricanes, Neo-liberalism, is there any hope of the better world?’, only if we use our creativity and capacity for togetherness in construction of a better way of explaining who we are and how we should live”[2] But how possible are the Politics of Kindness and belonging without free speech? After Brexit: British politics of course! Labour Party cleansing itself from the abominable sin: The Holocaust denial! Above prelude commentaries made and linked to Miko Peled an American-Israel Author. It has come to my attention that Jews as a race, Israel as a nation and the holocaust affiliates’ are taboo topics beyond Freedom of Speech act. Freedom of Speech a recognized human right, under article 19 of the universal Declaration of Human rights and recognized in international human rights law in the international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) [3] Defined as the right to articulate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.[4] Of course the act is relative, not absolute, as with freedom comes responsibilities’ there are limits even with one own tongue! Where in if not guided sprung always problems. I personally do not know what to or not believe about the holocaust. If asked then no comment am afraid. I do not know what to comment, sorry! I think it is around forties, where a man finally knows it all, by instinct draws a line between fantasy and reality. You know by your heart: whether you’re right or wrong. I do not hate Jews, neither do I like them, and that do not necessarily mean I don’t love them, I have learnt we are not perfect, no one is, mankind as whole  are struggling to reach that higher plane of consciousness, that imaginary we refer to as LOVE. I remember when Donald Trump First visit to the Middle East, after Saudia, his next stop was Israel, and his first move after the speech was to Kiss the Western wall’. Israel is unarguable the greatest American ally, in other words America is Israel and Israel is America, In fact for America as a global Super power, the rest of the world is seen through Jewry telescope. Israel a tiny piece of Land that declared its independence in 1948 May 14, Recognized by H. Truman the US President[5] is at the centre of global power tensions is a drama to think about. Up until 19th C, specifically the year 1947 when a region within Arabian state of Palestine was nationalised by the Zion lobby muscle more than anything else.  From its outset based on religious doctrines that inspires both Christianity and Islam, Jewry is a purely racist and segregationist advancement. A concept that singles out itself from all other races and that folks is its driving force! Propelled by 1000[6] years of religious propaganda that saw fiction turning into reality and reality into fantasy! ‘A myth forging its way into History’ When a tribe, successfully declares itself a state within original wider location, the fantasy that all mankind is now forced to swallow! Facilitated by treachery and murder rather than divine miracles! History does not recall the ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Juda! Imagined how I turned an atheist, after I found out nothing said by the Bible was ever truly! Not the Exodus, arch of covenant, serpent of Moses, 1st and 2nd temples, the tomb of Jesus or the Dead Sea scrolls all fails the verification tests, but instead they have a profound influence on mankind as whole! Shaping the core of its politics!’, ‘Talking about Jews and the culture of Pop, from the Bible to the block busters of Hollywood. You go check it for yourselves, Jews control the global media agencies, the way we think to be precise’ How one man a Jew Rupert Murdoch governed the United Kingdom politics behind the curtains, referred to as …’ ‘The shadow State at the heart of Britain’…’[7] what about the Rothschild and the rest of us? Is it now may be mankind should seek to know what was it that Adolf Hitler so dreaded about Jews? No chance, because Holocaust denial is a punishable offence. Jews have a tendency of getting at the heart of any society by blood infusion and mutation, copying and imitate the characteristics thereof then they debase it from within, French and Russian revolutions both site examples of this. Now under anti- Semitism, the rest of us none-Jews can be vilified to the maximum, while the opposite is true, you cannot say anything about Jews only on the their approval’ One man in Charles Darwin confronted this fantasy. It is sad when you see philosophers like Slavoj Zizek maintaining the act, rather than standing by and for the fundamental facts, in questioning the wonderful Rabbi story, not only the child, but to all of us: Did it real happen is it true? If not how can it be true?[8] May be he fears the sack…’ Disgrace of the denial! Stripped of his academics credential for denying the sacred ritual….!


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Mr Nyerere had the black man revolution dream: both the West and the East hated him for it…’ on the conflict of interests’ Magufuli has to be careful: On whom he makes friends with.  Pictured with Machel and Kaunda                                                                                                                                                                                          

“Speaking after swearing-in the committee members, Dr Magufuli said he decided to form a team of experienced scientists so that they can represent over 50 million Tanzanians who are eager to know the truth on their natural resource.”Currently, the world is in the fight for a stronger economy, which among others include the mining sector, therefore, you need to fight for over 50 million people to establish the real truth,” he said, advising the team to remain firm.”[2]


John Pombe Magufuli: A fifth Tanzanian President

We a few of us understand you: it is not simple a task an abruptly withdrawal from toxic water you already are swimming in, Here are only few tips from your own ancestors: canny of the fox, cautiousness of the cat, mystic of the owl and Justice of the serpent.  My President: low is not the burden on your shoulders, it is not easy, though there is hope. To return this country back into track, takes more than a heart and mind, but the soul and spirit. This is so deep. Not only Tanzania or Africa, and your stances affect the globe itself. It is beyond the party politics and partisan. Where we are headed’ the focus shall, and it must be measured not on individuals pride, self ego and material wealth gained, rather the black man progressive welfare and African continent position on the global, social-political, economic-cultural and scientific scale. The frightening fact here is losing us on the pretext of globalization, the challenge to hang on to our own poles amidst stronger tides or get lost. To know our position, why are we on it, what are the stakes and interests. Africa is a black narrative on the blink of extinction. How far are we going to neglect our identity in terms of our skin color? How far are we going to whitefy ourselves physically and ideologically? Haven’t Christianity and Islam done enough bleaching job, to repaint our mindscapes? So Far so good! Suddenly things are happening, which only couple of years ago, and they were the impossibilities’ One cease not to wonder why now and not before? You have an air of a selfless man. That kind of spirit from which: true love and African liberation truly shall come from.


Walter Rodney (1942- 1980)

On the picture above just to remind you’ it is our brother Walter Rodney, our Prophet to be precise. My President, ‘follow the way of your ancestors, and the sacred words they the uttered. Be they thy guidance and hammered nails of the confirmed. Of course you’re not an Angel, and no one should judge you in their realm, but neither should anyone Judge you any the less, man is above angels, a man who knows his place, in the big creation building. The pyramid stands for Truth, righteousness and justice. You probably could be wondering who this guy is…? In case you tramp onto this article.  Worry not; it is me: humble your servant at your service, right by your side” The High Priest of Khemet. I was there when you were sworn in, when you took over the helms. They did it by the Quran and the Bible, but I did it with Thunder, lightning and fire, by our ancient ritual: Behold ‘I am the present. Follow your way Mr. President, and do not go back on your word, be an-upright man. See those pretending to hate you now’ they will love you after, and those loving you now: will hate you, when the right time comes.

Because this is to be asserted in general of men, that they are ungrateful, fickle, false, cowardly, covetous, and as long as you succeed they are yours entirely; they will offer you their blood, property, life and children, as is said above, when the need is far distant; but when it approaches they turn against you.   and men have less scruple in offending one who is beloved than one who is feared, for love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails…., ‘…. I say that every prince ought to desire to be considered clement and not cruel. Nevertheless he ought to take care not to misuse this clemency.”[5]

Was it not your predecessor who fell off grace before them and you? Only recently they shouted at him proclaiming they have missed him! My King Just do your job, wait not for praises or curses. There is only one true judge of the living and the dead, of everything in, on and beyond the earth surface: the hidden one, the source, to whom we all shall return. Be like Thomas Sankara, another High priest of our people, who was murdered by his own kin and kith.


Thomas Sankara wanted to be remembered as someone who was helpful to humanity, recently finally history catch-up with his murderer “Blaise Compaore”[7]

You know when the news circulated that the US President poured you praises’ I was overwhelmed with happiness. But turns out to be a scam, I was so down trodden. Of course he should, and why not? You’re ever doing so well. But on the other hand why should he? Since when did they appraise African leaders’ attempts towards righteousness, justice and truth? They enjoy secretly the plight of black continent and its people, because they are the sole beneficiaries of our loss, in terms of its resources, markets, cheap labor etc. If praises they would have praised the said late Sankara, or Amilca Cabral, Patrice Lumumba, who was murdered by The American puppet regime of Seseko Mobutu’ or Nyerere or Mandela. The last was labeled terrorist, even after receiving the Nobel peace prize. Do not be fazed or intimidated, internally or abroad, have your own stand I retaliate. Yes most of us do have a problem: it is called nothing done by a Blackman is perfect, until proven by Europe, or anyone else, just not black” It is very deep rooted psychologically. I myself a victim of it, until when I was awakened! Can’t blame ourselves: from mercantilism, racism/slavery to colonialism and now globalization. We have been so very well set up, aligned for exploitation. We will have to restore our history, by a complete disengage from what they brought to us. I am sorry Mr. President, but that includes formal religions. Before I forget, about the embassy of Israel’ Mr. President: As Tanzanians we were not involved, we just heard ‘it has been reinstated! But we do not know why it was ceased in the first place! Let not your decisions: be clouded by your religious allegiances. Do not be bullied, we are not aligned; do not forget the founding father stances. The government has no religion! Thank you for scrutinizing the mineral sector, and the ministry of tourism, previously the untouchables. I can’t but help thinking where does all the wealth go? What is wrong with black people? Why are we not yet united, why are we hesitating to form one huge power block, to affect our vote in strong global decisions, like the UN, IMF& WORLD BANK.?  How long shall we play third fiddles? Testimony of history shows us Africa was the first global superpower, exerting its influence in both Asia and Europe during the classical antiquity.


President John Magufuli poses for souvenir photo with the Hindu Swaminarayan leader, Mahant Swami Maharaj and his delegation when the latter visited state house in Dar es Salaam 

On the picture above, people from afar off lands comes to pay their respects, to a black leader. They bring gifts to express honor, wishing you peace and success. It reminds me of the Magi and baby Jesus. The picture took me afar off, contemplating on the black race. The Hindu leader represents what is India. Hindu is the highest populated religious creed in India. Hindu has survived centuries of Monotheism advancements in India. Hindu is the spirit of India. The crown, the heart of India’ But my King is wearing a suit?? My President; yours is the Priesthood of the Highest class. You’re the mediator of the black race’ know thy self and thy place in this grand plan. You’re the King, because ours is the lineage of Kings, from time immemorial, eternal, we have had to be slaves, and colonized as trials, to earn our title, to prove ourselves. My dear President’ Please: be moderate in your punishment, do not rinse your hands with unnecessary blood. It leaves behind un-cleansable marks. Know thy part in the story, be the act. In your punishment my King, there is three key stages. One for trivial mistakes, be low your punishment. To some things don’t pay attention. Attention could be your weakness. Once people know your weakness, they will keep hitting the same spot. Do not give them that advantage, ignore them, don’t be intimidated, let nobody read your mind, keep them in suspense, not knowing what is in store for them, only you know, there is plenty! The second class of punishment is medium; once your sure of you’re righteous, justified and truthful move, let them know they are confronting what they can’t withstand. Yes warn them and suspend them, do not just sack them, once you sack someone, it should be followed by a punishment. Make them understand the big picture, its called purpose’ and give them another chance. Finally the final piece, maximum punishment, for direct disrespect of order, and expose the country first, not you the president into danger. My King put the nation ahead of your self ego. Now these you can inform, for what ever befalls them, their blood shall be upon their own heads. My King do please wear: your traditional attire, at least once in a year. On the days of your choice, that will be the AFRICAN HISTORY DAY, this struggle is beyond Tanzania, Tanzania merely a component, this is HUMAN liberation move. My dear president”, ‘My King:” Yes I do love you”


In African attire, Nyerere set an example of a true prince


Not like your predecessor who wore expensive suits and Kanzus throughout their presidential tenures. Especially like the picture above, I wish you were wearing shuka rubega, with your spear, making a point that: Africa is still alive. Very much alive! Finally my King, think about cheap affordable houses for your people. That this nation finally is in a design and planned’ and tackle the chronic litter issue. Thank you for reinstating the national service (JKT), and our Air Tanzania Dar es Salaam. We recently even sent our air personnel to Ethiopia for various trainings. Do learn from those who have excelled in various fields. At the point of the pyramid is African unity. One Africa, negotiating business and other economic matters based on its own strength. Yes your leading by example, also read the sign of the times. The most powerful is he/she who can stop time. I will be honest and prude: Israel is a problem. You needed to instigate before the broad decision of opening the embassy. What Jews have done to Europe, is what Asians have done with African continent. The said are parasitic and virulent who treats black people as beasts. At least Arabs, they have built us so many Mosques. Indians are worse, racist, abusing our ladies, punishing even killing theirs for running with black men. They are all about themselves. I will spare the subject for my book[10]. They live as a state within any state. Investing all they take elsewhere. You will not see them kwa Mtogole or Mnyamani, but wherever there are nice infrastructures, in the city centre, in a class of their own. With Mwendo kasi they are now crawling from Upanga and Mbezi Beach to our uswahilini sides. Yes they will buy us of, and we shall keep moving further interior. Until one day we reach the frontier, and then we shall fight back! President Nyerere (bless him) was trying to follow German, and Adolf Hitler Nationalism. Today those he failed to expel are of the wealthiest business families, who have done a very good job exploiting this country. But be cautious, make friendship not enmity. Restore love. All we need is love. Don’t forget the voice of the people, is the voice of God. Be they your servants, you at their service. Thank you my King, and stay blessed. But do not worry, behold I am present, ever was, always shall be”


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G. A. Mwaikoma

Mo ali4

17 January 1942- 3rd June 2016: CASSIUS MARCELLUS CLAY Jr’ who was to become Mohamed Ali


I have wrestled with an alligator
I done tussled with a whale
I done handcuffed lighting
Thrown thunder in jail
Only last week, I murdered a rock
Injured a stone, hospitalized a brick.
I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.[1]


During the time of his birth, the world was at war[2]. Some psychos ignited it, and they are covering for it up to date. It was not necessary’ still events in 1940’s have shaped our world today. I have been just watching as condolences are pouring around the globe, wondering what to say out of the maddening politics, race, religion and all athleticism: which took me some time to figure out’

What has struck me is the fact that Muslims and Christians particularly have buried their hypocritical hatred noses underground and together are celebrating, commemorating and contemplating this unique man’s life. Considering the hatred and religious tension between the said two’ the world is experiencing today, the legacy and impact of this man is worthy taking a note. As it is flagged, dripping with blood and the fists of history. History of mankind as whole, but that of a black man specifically. Ali has crossed race, creed, and ideological boundaries: a true humanist. An Islam not Islamist He was. Not to mention the fact that same reasons which triggered WWII are the one behind terrorism in Europe. In exchange for fascism we have globalization, followed by The US militarism camouflaging her real intent of destabilizing the non-western world so as to extract all resources. Then stage China as Adolf Hitler’s German taking her space now in the world stage, which then referred to ours as colonies among the subhuman or aliens, what the US did to a Red Indian and the western powers to the colonized world and especially the black men. Towards the non-white, the white policy has hardly changed! Vocabularies changes but meaning stay intact to the carbon end. Finally there were Jews, who remains the same, at the core of western politics ‘only more powerful in the present epoch. The most privileged, having achieved what Hitler failed to for German and Europe: The master race. Events of colonization caused WWI, extension of which was WWII, NOW IF MANKIND IS NOT CAREFUL, by being honest to attend and sort out mistakes of the past, won’t be long now the WWIII is right on the queue!

We must not misconstrue of Ali’s legacy. He stood for the black people first and foremost, along human justice. As a soldier he would have refused to invade Iraq, Iran and Libya.

“I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong,” Ali said. “No Viet Cong ever called me nigger.”[3]

When you’re talking of one big black family: we have lost the Priesthood figure, the mediator of black affairs against bullying politics. That war is yet to be won. We have lost the guru, the philosopher: our Dalai Lama. The matter of religion intervenes here because it is the core of the global affairs. We constantly say Christian Europe, then the non-Christian oriental etc. The world is is in two religious spheres: monotheism and polytheism! Now Europe has gone Buddhism as it’s graph of Christianity is heading down. With Islam going up it means more terrorism and fanaticism! But on the opposite pole’ talking language and population economics which influences our equation of global affairs and decisions :

“Interest in Chinese language is growing around the world as developments in transport and communications make this planet seem a smaller place. Mandarin (standard Chinese) is the most used mother tongue on the planet with over 800 million native speakers…’ “

The two world languages with over a billion users are English and Mandarin. English is used by over 1.8 billion people worldwide and Mandarin is used by over 1.3 billion people, including people using them as a second language or business language.”

Every race must secure  rightfully it’s place in the global economies, spiritual and cultural appreciation is mutual. There is enough for everyone; what are we fighting for? Why did black have to convert to Christianity and Islam? Why was his spirituality purged, leaving him feeling ashamed of his skin and identity? Now the same sin you did to a black man, shall eat you away and all your likes, it’s the order of the universe! The same guy who told you they are less human’ tells you now, your nothing short of them. You’re the same goyim’ the future is humanism; Mankind is done with this psychosis. As for Europe unless it it is self-honest with  events of WWII, the lie shall consume her from within to the very end. Confession is the leverage, the only way out from the grip of the fraternity that uses it to rule her, once Europe decide to call a spade a spade, the demon will be exorcised! Man kind is one loving family, what and where did it all went wrong?

As for the black people there is nothing to be ashamed of, we belong to one wider community, the oldest human race family, the original seed’ our contribution to mankind is paramount, even though somewhere along the line we were moved and squeezed out from the center to the periphery , by our own kin and kith, relatives, neighbors and friends.

Now I can’t cease, every time when I think of Ali recalling the Ancient black land (Egypt) when The Pere died (The King/the Head of the House) how they prepared him or her to the afterlife, the embalmers rituals and mummification. Then the King will go and join the gods. I am sure in the Qamitic (Ancient Egypt) calendar, Ali’s 74 years signals a new dimension in this big black family that the universe reckons. Ali was the Son of the Gods down in our times




MO ali6[6]

This little black boy


Goodbye Muhammed Ali, Amun-Raa, Atum, Shu, Neith, Tutankamun, Osiris, Isis and Horus receive you in the hall of Maat. Thank you for the fiery fists. Thank you for the inspiration, we are not there yet ‘but we’ll never get weary ooh’ In you we are strong.



Ali’s speech before his fight with George Foreman in 1974


Jan 1st US & 25 other countries sign a united declaration against the Axis



[5] Ibid 5.







09 10 2015


Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara © soleil4eve

Today its different. Terrorism sounds much more, as it fills in the vacuum left by the leftist revolutionaries. God knows how much is spent to combat or promote terror! Das Capital is laughing in the photo above’ Its like I got you guys. I will Kill you..hahahha. Indeed He will with his drones. The Last Charade in the Capital world was that of David Cameron pig scandal. Read more



Gamier  Ahadi Mwaikoma



Watu wengi sana wanatamani kwenda kuishi Ulaya. Ulaya kuzuri, kwenda kwa  wazungu ni ndoto ya wengi. Kuwavusha watu Ulaya ni Biashara Kubwa. Kuna wale tukajipatia mabibi(Dizaini nikisha seto namtosa…hahah utatoswa wewe!! Kumradhi- sio wote tu ili wakaishi Ulaya-yako mapenzi ya kweli) Wako waliokwenda na kutokomea huko. Wako waliorudi na hawatamani kurejea katu! Sasa uhamiaji ni tatizo kubwa Ulaya. Sio tu Weusi wagombanao kwenda Ulaya, hata Wazungu pia wa Ulaya mashariki na kwingine maskini waliokumbatia Siasa na sera za Kijamaa. Ndipo inatubidi tufafanue maana ya Ulaya, au Ulaya Magharibi. Majuzi hapa tumeshuhudia wahamiaji wakipata ajali, na kutelekezwa baharini! Watu wanataka kwenda Ulaya Bwana.

Ulaya ni bara la Pili Kwa Udogo ki kilometa mraba yaani10,180,000 ambazo ni 3,930,000 mitamraba ambazo ni 2% za tufe la Dunia na 6.8% ya ardhi yake.Ulaya ni mkusanyiko wa Nchi 50. Urusi ndio Kubwa kuliko zote ikichukua 40% ya Bara Hili, na Vatican ndio Mji Mdogo Kabisa. Ajabu Ulaya ndilo Bara la Tatu Kwa wingi watu waishio, baada ya Africa na Asia, Karibu watu 800 millioni.[1] Inadaiwa na Kukubalika Kwamba Kitovu cha Ustaarabu Wa Ulaya Magharibi ni Ugiriki[2], heheheh…nicheke miyee..kwa mafilosofa wenyewe..Au Siyo?


Ulaya ninayoizungumzia ni kitovu cha mfumo wa Kibepari, na Nchi wadau wake pia walishiriki Biashara ya Utumwa, Ukoloni na kitangulizi chake ile waliita biashara Huria! Nchi za Ulaya kinyume na zingine zinatambulika kwa uchumi wake mnono, taratibu thabiti za kitawala na uchumi, msisitizo katika haki za binadamu. Ulaya inatuathiri kwa kila namna! Kidini, kiuchumi, kihistoria, kisiasa nk. Ulaya ndio mdau mkubwa kabisa wa Tengenezo La Dunia ya sasa. Sasa hili si andiko la somo, bali mchezo wa kuigiza. Hatahivyo tuliwajibika kufanya utafiti ilikutamthilihisha ujumbe huu vizuri. Ni ajabu ambavyo sehemu hii ndogo katika Tufe la Dunia imekuwa na nguvu kuu mno katika maisha ya Tufe zima kuanzia karne ya 15 na Kuendelea wakatawala karibu dunia nzima kibabe!. Lakini mapinduzi ya Viwanda karne ya 18 ndio hasa yalileteleza tofauti kubwa na athari kwa dunia nzima kama tuijuavyo leo[3].Kwa mfano nikichukua kipengee cha Dini tu, yaani kama wewe ni wa madhehebu ya Kikiristo basi u malighafi ya umbiko wazo la Ulaya. Hapa tunaibua hoja kwamba dini ni kitendea kazi, ni silaha yenye nguvu mno kuliko bomu la nyukilia! Sasa kuanzia mwanzo wake, kazi hii tulikusudia iwe ya kuleta mabadiliko (Revolutionary Theatre). Kuwafikisha mahali watu weusi kama walengwa na wakusudiwa, wakajitathmini upya, na mustakabali mzima wa Utu na Bara lao. Tunaishi katika nyakati za hatari, roho ya mweusi inapotea kabisa. Hujui unachopigana nacho! Sio ubepari! Na wala ujamaa sio suluhisho! Bali kujitambua, na kile unachokabiliana nacho, yaani kuvuliwa utu wako, ni kama kuchunwa ngozi vile! Hutasalimika! Ngugi WaThiong’o , Chinua Achebe na wengineo wamepigania urejeshwaji wa Kumbu kumbu hifadhi la utamaduni. Vinginevyo Tumeishia kuwa vitendea kazi na wawezashaji tu kwenye  Jukwaa la Wachuna Ngozi. Au kama vipi,twenzetuni wote tu, Tukazuge Ulaya…au siyo??? Unapoukana utu, wako, ukavaa wa mwingine, mbele zake yule we huwi binadamu aliyekamilika! Sasa kakupa Jina la Bara lako eti Africa, umekubali, jina lako Binafsi, Abdallah na Godffrey, umekubali, kakupa na Elimu sasa hadi kukutambulisha we kwa nafsi yako mwenyewe. Kuna kilichobaki? Ile wanasema kustaarabishwa: Lakini asiyestaarabika nani? Mtu nusu? Si yule asiye na Mungu wake anaabudu Miungu ya wenzie. Miungu yake inamlilia, inamwomba aikumbuke, Ye haaaa, kaikana, kaambiwa na kaamini miungu yake ndio Mashetani. Utamfanya nini mtu huyu, kama maiti basi hana budi kufufuliwa. Tazama tamaduni , mila,Dini na desturi za Uchina , India. Imani Kongwe kuliko Uislamu na Ukristo. Na Mabara haya yanatoa changamoto kubwa sana kwa Ulaya. Mweusi ye haa! Hana jina, hana kwao, hana dini, hana lolote! Wamebaki kunyanyasa watu wao, kudhalilisha mamlaka, na kubugumya rasilimali zao wenyewe. Sasa siye wakina Kiokote tufanye nini? Si tukazuge tu Ulaya?

Asanteni sana na wote mnakaribishwa basi katika zoezi hili la kumfufua maiti huyu.

G. A. Mwaikoma

Tamthiliya zingine Za Mwandishi ambazo bado kutolewa ni:



Massoud Ukingali: We Unakujua Ulaya? Unapafahamu au una Pasikia? Au unapaona kwenye runinga na kwenye filamu za Kuigiza? Mwanichekesha sana vijana kizazi kipya, Cha Hipu Hopu na Ponographia.

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Dedan Kimathi

Kuhani wa Dini ya Weusi

Katika Surat-Al – Rum (Ama Sura ya Warumi ama Waromani) ambayo ni Sura ya 30 ya Kitabu cha Quran yenye Aya 60 Bwana Muhamad Kiongozi Mahiri wa Dini Ya Kiislamu ‘ Katika Aya ya 36 amesema 36. And when We cause mankind to taste of mercy, they rejoice therein, but when some evil afflicts them because of (evil deeds and sins) that their (own) hands have sent forth, lo! They are in despair! Ama Kwa Tafsiri  Tukiwapa Wanadamu Kuonja Neema, wanafurahia, Lakini wakipata Madhila sababu ya dhambi na udhalimu wa kazi za mikono yao, wana kata Tamaa! Mpende Mchukie Muhammad alikuwa na Hekima ya Ajabu. Leo miaka mingapi imepita tangu kufariki kwake ? maneno yake yanatimia. Tunaishi katika kizazi chenye hofu na mashaka. Tumekata tamaa. Sura hiyo kimsingi Muhamad amewakemea Warumi na Dini yao ya Utatu, akisisitiza Mungu  hana Mshiriki. Sasa hii sio Insha ya Kidini, samahani, ni mchepuko tu. Mimi namzungumzia Bob Marley na Wimbo wake wa Vita. Aliopata uvuvio wake kutoka ile hotuba maarufu ya Mfalme Haile Sellassie wa Ethiopia akihutubia Mkutano Mkuu wa Umoja Wa Mataifa mwaka 1963. Ikumbukwe kuwa Miongoni mwa Marasta huyu ndugu alikuwa Mungu.

jomo and Haille

Kenyata Jomo and Sellasie Haile

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Kwanza kabisa  nitubiye, baadhi ya mambo yatakayo semwa humu ni vidonge vichungu, wengi watakwazika na kukasirika, lakini chungu dawa, walishasema mababu. Tukimeza au tukitema hiyo ni shauri yetu! UKWELI HUWA UNATABIA YA KUKATALIWA:  mwishowe unabakia kuwa ukweli.

Insha hii inatoka katika kazi zangu kadhaa za awali, hasa “HEKALU LA MULUNGU”. Ama THE KHEMET TEMPLE’ Nilipoiandika  Insha ya” RAISI KIONGOZI MWONGOZO”, nilikusudia kuwasaidia viongozi wa bara la watu weusi (Khemet) kufanya uongozi mwema na kulikomboa bara lao ambalo limepuuzwa na na kusetwa kwa maelfu ya miaka sasa, pia kutatua tatizo la mtu mweusi. Aidha Insha hii sasa ni kitabu kimekamilika na niombi langu kisomwe na Viongozi wa Bara lote la watu weusi au Khemet ( Africa)

Bila shaka mweusi ni tatizo, Tukubaliane katika hilo! Lakini chanzo cha Tatizo ni Imani hizi za Kigeni ama Ukristo na Uislamu makinda ya Ujudaism! Nilipokuwa nikifanya utafiti wa kazi hii ndipo nikang’amua haya: Kwamba ‘ uongo ni uongo tu hata uupake vipi rangi ya ukweli utabakia kuwa uongo’  Nimeteseka mno maisha yangu nikijaribu kujitambua na kujielewa mimi ni nani? Na nikaweza kupata baadhi ya vidokezo kwamba mtu mweusi unamtambua kwanza kwa imani yake: Muislamu au Mkristo, pili Kumbu hifadhi lake linaloibua ustaarabu wake na ajali yake katika ulimwengu huu wa sasa. Wengi wetu weusi hatuna majibu, kwamba kwa nini tuko tulivyo? Sisi ni watu walioikana asili yao, kwa kujua au kutokujua. Tatizo la mweusi ni kujikana mwenyewe au Denial! Nakiri tatizo hili lilinisumbua tangu kuzaliwa na wazazi muhanga wa tatizo lile lie..!, sasa miaka 36 nashukuru  kwa kuamini nimeupata ukweli SASA. Ukweli kwamba mtu mweusi anayo asili na utu wake jambo ambalo katu halina mjadala! Masikini wa mali lakini tajiri wa roho. Mweupe mwizi, tajiri wa mali lakini maskini wa ROHO. NA MWENYE KUTAKA MALI ATAIPOTEZA roho yake., Kama alivyokwisha kusema Yashua Mwalimu mkubwa wa Fumbo jipya: Agano jipya kama mnavyoliita na kulitambua wengi wenu. Imani ni fumbo ama coded message! Ubepari ni wizi uliohalalishwa, ni wizi tu ambapo wachache wanafaidika kwa nguvu kazi ya wengi! Mweusi akitaka kukomboka kwanza atakabiliana na Uyahudi, pili Ukristo, alafu Uislamu. Ndio vitu vimbainishavyo. Cha mwisho ambacho ndio asili na cha kwanza ni imani na ibada yake ya asili: Imani kwa mababu  yaani mizimu yake. Nami nilikabiliana navyo. Kama Mkristo, Rasta, Muislamu, Atheist  kwa maana ya (Mso Mungu ama mkana Mungu) na Hatimaye Muumbile au muundo umboji( formist) Ndio naamini katika maumbo  kwa maana ya ibada ya wahenga, ni maumbo matakatifu na ndio dhana ya Mungu ilikoanzia na darasa letu la leo.


“Kwanza kabisa ni hatari kama mtu anakufahamu , alafu wewe humfahamu’ kwani daima atajua hatua yako ya pili unakanyaga wapi, nawe hujui yeye yuko wapi”*[1]


Sasa unaposhughulikia suala la ukombozi wa mtu mweusi Rasta ndio hatua ya kwanza katika wakati huu wa sasa/ Modern times. Kwani Rasta ndio falsafa iliyo kamilika ikiwa na lengo mahususi la ukombozi wa mtu Mweusi. LAKINI WHAT IS RASTA? Rasta ni kitu gani? It’s now a popular culture coinage, with reference to Bob Marley and the Wailers. Na ni kweli kabisa Bob Marley alikuwa nguvu isiyokanika ya utetezi wa mtu mweusi. Lakini samahani kwa donge chungu hili: kwangu mimi Bob Marley hakuwa Rasta, Kama ni mtihani alishindwa! Alijaribu kuwa rasta lakini alifeli.  Bob Marley alitelekezwa na Babake Bwana Marley,mpaka miaka michache kabla ya kifo chake daima alijibainisha na weusi[2].Lakini Bwana Blackwell producer wake alipokuja na mkataba mnono wenye kulinda maslahi ya weupe akimwambia lazima uwe kiongozi wa bendi, ndipo Bob akaonyesha rangi zake halisi sasa, kama fisi na nyama. Mtu mweupe mali Bwana, hapo utamuua! Anatamaa nyingi mno! Angalia Kumbu Hifadhi lake lote daima ni kuvamia , kuvunja na kuchukua, si tu mali bali na mawazo: Kisha anayaharibu na kujifanya ye Bingwa.  Nyuma yake akiacha mkorogo  wenye mchanganyiko na mashaka makubwa, ambayo hatimaye hurudi kumuumbua! Alipo mwambia we una damu ya weupe Semite au Semi-white na hiyo ndio itauza kiwandani Bob akaanguka hapo. Tamaa! Peter Tosh Hakuanguka. Alibishana na hatimaye akajiondokea zake na Bunny Wailer. SHETANI YULE YULE WA ZAMANI

Hapa sasa tunafumbua fumbo  moja wapo la bustani ya Edeni: Hivyo Bob Marley alikuwa kama Eva, lakini Tosh alikuwa Adam. Tosh alikataa kurubuniwa.

 bunny wailer and tosh 2

 Bunny Wailer and Tosh: The true revolutionaries!

 Wale waliokuja Baada na kumsikiliza Bob Marley leo wanajuta! Bendi imevunjika , mali yote iliyotolewa mahususi kwa kwa agenda ya ukombozi wa mtu mweusi imeishia kwenye familia ya Bob Marley. Kwani Bob hakuwajumuisha katika mkataba ule mnono ambao sasa unakisiwa kuwa zaidi ya Dolari bilioni 1.[3] Sio unakenua meno hapo Bobu Bobu, mwenzio kauuza utamaduni wako!     Na kibaya Zaidi kuthibitisha hili, mmoja wapo wa wanae Bob: Zigi hivi karibuni amenukuliwa kusema anatafuta asili yake ya Kiyahudi kutoka kwa Bibi yake mkubwa Mamaye Babake Bob[4] ETI ANADAI “ Naonea wivu utamaduni wa Kiyahudi” Can you imagine a Rasta saying That? Kwanini asiuonee wivu utamaduni wa Weusi? Kwa kusema hivyo Ziggi anathibitisha yeye sio mweusi. Na Kwanini sio? Dhana ile ya Kirugaruga[5]  au Maumau ya watu weusi ilipofika Ulaya kupitia picha kwenye Magazeti ya Kiingereza zilizoonyeshwa kuuliwa kwa Viongozi wa Maumau, wafungwa watu weusi wakiwa na manywele marefu mpaka miguuni, Watu wa Mungu waliokula viapo kupigana hadi kufa kuitetea Nchi Nyeusi , utu na utamaduni wao, Uingereza na Ulaya walitaharuki, mabibi na Mabwana,wazee kwa watoto. Sasa British West Indies na Carribea vijana wakavutwa na waruga ruga wale. Wazo lile likagongana na dhana za Marcus Garvey, Mweusi huyu aliyeibebea kichwa kichwa hadithi ya Musa na Suleimani kuhusu ndoa yake na Binti mzuri mweusi au Malkia wa Sheba, na kuacha vizalia huko Kush( Ethiopia ya leo) Hadi sasa na ndipo Urasta ukachanganyika na Uyahudi hapo. Si walaumu nikutokujua. Marasta wengi walimeza tego hili kama wengi wetu leo. Bob Marley Mwenyewe aliutukuza utamaduni wa Kiyahudi. Nyimbo zake nyingi ameimba kuhusu Mlima Sayuni(Zion) na kumtukuza Simba wa Yuda( The Lion of Juda). Leo hii tunafahamu kisayansi kwamba Hadithi ya Wayahudi bara la weusi haikutukia! Ni uongo mkuu sana uliopata kuandikwa. Na Rasta ikapotelea hapo.Dhana yoyote inayojaribu kumtukuza mtu mmoja Zaidi ya mwingine kwa damu yake ni ya Kishetani! Wayahudi kikundi cha kikabila cha watu wa Jangwani wenye asili ya Kiamori kweli walikuwepo Khemet, kama mataifa mengine waliokwenda kujitafutia maisha kule , kwani palikuwa pamestaarabika mno kwa viwango vya dunia ya wakati huo.Wagiriki kwa warumi, wasiria na wengineo[6].  Kama wakina siye tukigongana vikumbo vyetu kuja Ulaya leo! Babu zetu waliwatendea wageni kwa haki zote wala hawakuwanyanyasa. Watumwa kama ilivyoada walikuwa waasi , na mateka wa kivita. Vinginevyo raia wema walipewa haki zote hata kuwa viongozi kwenye serikali ya Khemet. Kakabila haka kadogo kama ilivyoada ya  mnyonge na ndoto zake kakabuni hadithi hizi kupitia ma scribes au waandishi ili kujifariji. Lakini ngano hizi zimekuwa na athari kubwa mno kwenye dunia ya Leo, ikiwa ni pamoja na mchango wake katika biashara ya utumwa na Ukoloni. Mambo waliyoyafanya Wakristo na waislamu wakiamini Khemet walikuwa watu wabaya waliostahili adhabu kwa mujibu wa ubaya waliowatendea Wayahudi. HADITHI HII YA Wayahudi haithibitiki kwa mujibu wa KUMBU HIFADHI YA iliyothibitika leo. Lakini Khemet imethibitika tena na tena na milele. Babu zetu katika majengo ya mapiramidi na masanamu mengine waliacha sahihi yao kama Ushahidi wa Kumbu hifadhi LAO! NDIO SABABU HAISHANGAZI kukuta Historia ya wayahudi sio TAALUMA bali theologia. Haiko katika Historicity wala haina mashiko ya kiakiologia. Unaikuta katika idara za kidini za vyuo vikuu.

Waandishi wa Agano la Kale walikuwa wanaigiza na pia wakiwa na agenda mahususi ya kuchafua fahari ya kitaaluma, falsafa na Imani na Dini ya Babu zetu. Nawamefanikiwa sana katika hilo. Kwani leo mtu mweusi amefikia mahali haamini tena katika nafsi yake, wala kilicho chake. Daima anaamini kikipitishwa na Mweupe ndio sahihi. Si tu agano la kale hata jipya pia lina matatizo yake. Katika kubatizwa kuwa mkristo unafanyishwa tambiko  la kikristo na kuapishwa kuikana nafsi yako ya zamani! Ndio mzizi wa fitna na uchafu na uharibifu uliko anzia. Lakini tunajuua Biblia kwa maana ya Agano la  Kale ni ngano za mascribes wa kiyahudi, tena mambo mengi yanaakiasi ustaarabu na mafunzo ya Babu zetu waliyo kopipesti. Agano jipya ni mradi mahususi ambapo watu walikaa, wakachagua , kuhakiki na kupitisha kitu ambacho kinaitwa Agano jipya leo kwa agenda zao Binafsi za kitawala. Na wamefanikiwa mno katika hilo. Kwani kadri mweusi anavyoshikilia Imani hizi,daima atawatumikia mabwana hawa weupe, atakauwa chini yao. Chini ya utawala wa Roma na Maagizo ya Mfalme Constatine, waheshimiwa hawa walikutana wakalisuka agano jipya na kuunda Imani ya Ukristo kwa maana ya Roman Catholic kama tuhifahamuvyo leo[7]. Na mafundisho ya Uungu wa Yesu na utatu mtakatifu. Sasa tunajua Wayahudi hawalitambui Agano hili jipya wala Ukristo. Na marasta vivyo hivyo. Lakini kwa ufahamu wetu sasa hata la kale si salama, ukweli wake na hata kuwepo kwa Musa kuna bishaniwa. Iwavyo vyote Vitabu hivi chini ya kanisa ndio vimekuwa msingi wa utawala wa dunia ya leo, kama ilivyokusudiwa na Bwana Costantino Al-maarufu mkuu . Bob Marley amepata kunukuliwa akikosoa nakala ya King James ya Biblia, akihoji usahihi wa kuwepo kwa jina la mfalme huyo kitabuni na kudai ni maneno ya Mungu. Si tuhapo, katika wimbo wao the Wailers uitwao Get up, Stand Up, ambapo bila shaka watu weusi waliitwa kusimamia haki zao, wakiagizwa watoke makanisani  NA KWENYE iBADA ZINGINE ZOTE NGENI’ kuna mistari inayomkana Yesu waziwazi, wanaposema:

Preacher man don’t tell me heaven is under the earth I know you don’t know what life is really worth Is not all that glitters in gold and Half the story has never been told So now you see the light, aay Stand up for your right. Come on

Na Pia;

Most people think great God will come from the sky Take away ev’rything, and make ev’rybody feel high But if you know what life is worth You would look for yours on earth And now you see the light You stand up for your right, yeah!

Na mahususi kabisa:

We’re sick and tired of your ism and skism game Die and go to heaven in Jesus’ name, Lord We know when we understand Almighty God is a living man You can fool some people sometimes But you can’t fool all the people all the time So now we see the light We gonna stand up for our right

Hawakuwa mbali na ukweli huu, lakini hawakuwa salama katika Ujudism pia. Na wakipambana na Ukristo, wanasahau mchango wa Uislamu kufuta kumbu hifadhi ya Imani za weusi vilevile. Pia hawakujua kwamba kabla Ya waisraeli, Babu zetu walikuwa na Imani thabiti katika si tu Mungu mmoja bali Miungu. Sasa tunafahamu  hata Uislamu ulikuwa ni mradi wenye agenda yake binafsi pia, Ikikopa kutoka Uyahudi, Bwana Muhamadi alikaa na Jopo la watu kuandika Kitabu chake. Miongoni mwao Kasisi aliyeasi wa Dhehebu Katoliki. Nikibishana na waheshimiwa Fulani kuhusu Imani ya weusi wakaja na hoja kwamba, Nyinyi hamna Kitabu. Hamna imani ya Kwenu , mnakopa tu za watu. Nikamjibu sisi tunayo , tena Kongwe, nyinyi ndio mmekopa kutoka kwetu. Babu zetu waliandika moja ya maandiko ya Kale Zaidi: KITABU CHA WAFU[8]: Ambacho pamoja na Mengine ya mawaidha ya Maisha, kilimwandaa mtu katika safari ya Maisha yake baada ya Kufa.


Kielelezo Katika Kitabu cha wafu

Hata dhana ya hukumu kadri ya Matendo yetu ni ya Weusi kwa maana ya mioyo itawekwa kwenye mizani.

Imani ya weusi haina mahusiano yoyote na wageni wa Bara la Weusi wowote wale, Si weupe wala nusu weupe, wala Waarabu wala Waisraeli, wala Warumi wala wagiriki.  Mtu mweusi rejea njia yako ya asili, ilikuwa safi na takatifu.


 Robert Nesta Marley  Mfanya Biashara wa Imani ya Weusi

Na jasusi la Ujudism

Alianza kama Rasta lakini hakufa HIVYO!

Kwanza Rasta yenyewe ni upotoshaji. Inawafanya weusi wasikumbuke Imani zao za asili na kuziendeleza.  Badala yake kuunga mkono ukuu wa dini nyeupe za kigeni dhidi ya weusi[9] Kama wenzie Uislamu na Ukristo, Weusi watoke katika zote hizo na kurejea Imani zao za asili. Ili iwe ngome Ya Ukombozi Rasta lazima irejee urithi wa zamani wa Kiimani wa Mababu weusi wa Kush na Khemet. Ukifumbua fumbo Rasta ni imani ya Mungu mkongwe  wa Kikemet RAA!

Asili ya Rasta ni weusi waasi   wa  Bara la weusi na si tu Kenya kama wengi wanavyodhani! Lakini Waasi hawa pale Kenya ndio waliobainisha Rasta kama tunavyoijua leo! Ambao walisimama kupinga dhuluma ya mwingereza na utamaduni wake wa kikoloni, na Ngugi Wathiong’o hawezi kukwambia hilo: kwani anatafuta utukufu wake mwenyewe!  Na si peke yake kuna wenzie wengi tu, watu tuwaheshimuo, waliopata nafasi kubwa ya kuusimamamia ukweli, lakini kwa kujua au kutokujua wakaangukia mtego ule ule!!!! Hakika shetani ni kiumbe cheupe kwani ni Bingwa wa mitego au matego!!


Ngugi Wathiong’o: Amejaribu katika andiko lake a KU-Ikumbuka Africa( Re-Membering Africa) Kugusia Kumbuhifadhi letu la kale katika Simulizi ya Jicho La Horus: Iliyotabiri Kutawalaliwa  na Kugawanywa Bara La Khemet. Lakini eti Bado analitumia Jina Africa. Mweusi kama unajitambua huwezi kutumia Jina Africa!

Si mwandishi pekee wa weusi ambaye hataki kutia nguvu zaidi katika  kuusema ukweli kama ulivyo, wengi tu kama yeye, ikiwa pamoja na wasanii,, viongozi na wataaluma. Wanashughulika na Agenda ya Usasa: post modernism badala ya ile ya Ukale: Ama classical antiquity


Dedan Kimathi: Kiongozi wa Maumau aliye uawa na Waingereza

Mau mau walisimama kupinga Ukoloni wa Mwingereza na kila kitu chake: Elimu , Dini na utamaduni. Kwa Maumau Mungu alikuwa anaishi kwenye Mlima Kenya. Ndio Nyumbani Kwake! Mau mau ulikuwa mfano wa kuigwa na Weusi wote. Japo kuwa walishindwa na kuuliwa, lakini waliunda na kuthibitisha hoja yao. Tanzania Chini ya Chifu Mirambo pia walifanya kama ndugu zao hawa. Warugaruga au watetezi na sio waasi, walikua maguerila waeusi waliosimama kupinga utawala wa kigeni. LEO WATU KAMA HAWA WANA JINA JIPYA WANAITWA MAGAIDI. Lakini wote wana hoja moja ya msingi inayofanana, kwamba iwe ya ,kidini  kitamaduni au kisiasa, wanapinga kudhulumiwa.

Hivyo kusema Bob:  Marasta na watu wengi wengine wampendao ni Bandia! Kanisa Katoliki lilifurahia kazi ya Bob na Rasta. Kwani hakuwapinga bali kuwathibitisha na kuwatetea: Vivyo hivyo WAYAHUDI. Mwishowe pengine walimuua asije kujitambua: nani ajuaye kwamba Vatican waliagiza kifo chake? Kwani wamewauwa wangapi?

Kila ukiwa na mvuto na kusikiwa na wengi, ukisimama hadharani kukemea Dini hizi za Ukristo na Uislamu, unauliwa!


 John Lennon

Mwanamapinduzi mweupe aliyewataka watu watoke katika dini na kuishi tu maisha ya upendo. Ukombozi wa mweusi ni ukombozi wa Dunia, ambayo watu wameifikisha hapa leo kwa mafundisho wanayodai ni ya Mungu lakini yamefanana na Ya kishetani Zaidi. Alichokisema Bwana huyu si Zaidi ya kuwaomba watu warudie MAAT Ile falsafa  Kongwe ya haki na Upendo ya Kikhemet. Katika wimbo wake wa Imagine ameliomba hilo. Lakini aliposema sisi ni maarufu kuliko Yesu kwa maana ya yeye na Bendi yake , na Pia kusema Ukristo utakuja kushindwa. Hapo maisha yake yalifupika.

Ukweli ni bidhaa adimu siku hizi, wahenga waliufahamu: ukweli ndio Mungu, na ukiukaribia tu, pia na kifo hakiko mbali!!! Wachache tu wamesalimika kwa na kwa nguvu za Lihumbile ( creation forces- nguvu za Uumbaji) kama Fidel Castro’

 The Church Committee stated that it substantiated eight attempts by the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro in 1960-1965[10] 

MWISHOWE Bob akaonyesha rangi zake Halisi , alijifanya kinyonga lakini hatimaye akaumbuliwa na Waumbile( Miungu), Tamaa ya mali, ulafi na umaarufu, kama damu yake na babu zake weupe. Ungewezaje kumdharau Peter Tosh: Mwanzilishi wa Bendi ya The Wailers? Kirahisi hivyo? Bob aliicheza karata yake ya mwisho ya damu nyeupe. Na inavyoonekana alishinda lakini haku: Alikufa kwa huzuni, usiichezee mioyo ya watu uliowadhulumu. Wengi hawajui kuhusu kifo chake lakini namna ya pigo la adhabu lile. 

Sasa tunakuja katika kipengele cha mwisho, Bob Marley hakuwa Rasta kwa maana ya Mkhemet! Bob MARLEY HAKUZIKWA KAMA Rasta. Wangapi  mwalijua hilo? Tazama filamu ya Maisha yake : Bob Marley alizikwa Kama mkristo wa Ethiopian Coptic Church. Kabla ya Kufa kwake walimbatiza na Jina: Eti Berhane Sellassie. Makuhani wa hilo Kanisa walimfanyia ibada yake ya wafu.. So what is Rasta? Wewe ukijiita Rasta leo huna imani kwani Nabii wako Bob MARLEY ALIZIKWA MKRISTO. Mpweke, akijutia unafiki na usaliti wake, lakini akiwa na amali nyingi walizompa hao wachawi wenzie. Ilikua kama Musa vile, unabii ukijirudia: hutaiona nchi ya ahadi, kwani umetenda dhambi…..!!![11] Kifo cha Musa:

Ndipo Musa akapanda Mlima Nebo kutoka viinukao vya Moab mpaka vilele vya Pisga kupitia Jeriko. Hapo Mungu akamwonyesha nchi yote— KuTOKA Galielea mpaka Dani Naftali yotet na urithi wa Ephrahim na Manase, Nchi yote ya Yuda mbali mpaka BahriYa Mediterania, Pale Negebu nan chi yote ya Nagebu mpaka bonde  lote la Jericho na mji wa mitende, mpaka Zoaroar.  Na Bwana akamwabia: Hii ndio Nchi niliyokuapia kwa Ibrahimu, Isaka na Yakobo Niliposema nitawapa warithi wako.’  Nimekuruhusu utazame kwa macho yako lakini hutaikanyaga”

Bob Marley hakuwa Rasta, kwa hivyo Rasta ni kitu gani ? Si lolote zaidi ya Tengenezo jingine kama Uislamu na Ukristo ambavyo vilipoteza mashiko yake kwenye Judism. RASTA  KATIKA ASILI YAKE ni  Ibada ya weusi, wala hawana shirika na weupe ifahamike hivyo. Biblia ni kitabu cha mafumbo, fumbo la Musa ukweli wake tuufunue. Eti mweusi hana Imani mpaka itokayo kwa wayahudi??/ Hapana, hapana hapanaaa: .Wayahudi walijifunza Imani kutoka kwetu.


Kama viwayo vyote vile si lolote Zaidi ya  yafuatayo:

Yaani mafumbo ya kwanza (Agano la kale) na Mafumbo ya pili( Agano Jipya)

i.Kitabu cha fasihi iliyo andikwa kwa umahiri mno, ii. Kitabu cha mafumbo siri kuhusu ukweli iii..Mkusanyiko wa uongo uliobobea!

Aidha ikumbukwe kuwa QURANI NI MWAKISO TU WA VITABU VYA Musa.

Imani ya weusi Bob Marley akaifanyia Biashara, akaiuza kwa shetani kujipatia ujira wa damu, kama vipande 12 vya dhahabu alivyolipwa Yuda kumsaliti Yeshua. Lakini pesa hiyo dhalimu itatwatokea puani!Sio wayahudi, na hekaya yao kule Khemet ya Kishetani, wa Mungu ni watu weusi, na ambao ukombozi wao umekaribia sasa, watakusanyika na kurudi katika Nchi yao Kipenzi: TAMER


[1] The BOOK OF THE DEAD: Lost copies

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[10] Kumbukumbu la Torati 34 New International Version (NIV)





Miongoni mwa watu weusi Kiongozi maana yake ni Pharao’ Na huu ndio mrejesho na kielelezo cha  Kiongozi duniani mpaka leo, ‘ukikumbuka kuwa kumbu-hifadhi ya kale Zaidi duniani ni ya Wa Khemet’[1]


PHARAOH: Asili ya Watu weusi na  Kielelezo cha Utawala  na wenye Mamlaka Duniani


Cha Kwanza kabisa Raisi wa Nchi yoyote katika bara Khemet lazima atambue uhusiano wa kumbu-hifadhi la bara lake na hali ya bara hilo leo kwa ujumla wake. Aliye kutawala, kukuua, kukupeleka utumwani, kuua ustarabu wako, kufuta Historia ya Babu zako, kuchukua rasilimali zako nyingi, kukulemaza kiuchumi, hawezi kukuita jina! Akikuita jina ukalikubali unakiri, kukubali yote aliyokutenda. Zaidi kuafiki kwamba ni sahihi! Nawe utaendelea kujenga msingi wake kwa manufaa yake  wala si watu wako. Tu kwa sababu ya kukushinda kivita:Hawezi kufuta na utu wako wote Kabisa! Kwa hivyo kwa Ushindi wake kijana Alexander anaita kituo cha ustaarabu wa bara la watu weusi Egypt! Anapuuza jina la asili la Nchi hiyo ‘Khemet, anapuuza lugha ya watu hao ki Khemet, anachomekeza lugha yake na kulazimisha ustaarabu wake’ kwa mkono wakulia, kwa wakushoto anachukua maarifa ya watu hawa, falsafa, sayansi , hesabu, ujenzi, matibabu, Imani ya Mulungu na miungu. Wakati wao wanadai na kutetea hifadhi yao wa kwao dhidi ya wa  kwetu . Je Raisi Kiongozi anakaa tu Kimya? Ikumbukwe kwamba kulikuwepo kumbu hifadhi kabla ya hii tunayoiita Historia leo ( Hasa ya mseto wa wagiriki, warumi, waarabu na wazo la Magharibi kuanzia karni ya 17)[2] Raisi Kiongozi Lazima ahusianishe utu wake na Babu zake wa Kale, kupigania na kutetea hili kwa machozi , jasho na damu ikibidi.

Katika hayo hakika hatuta sahau ustaarabu wa Kiislamu kwa mchango wake katika kumbu hifadhi utamaduni na hasa Ibn –Khaldun ama baba wa hiyo[3] na Jitabu lake adhimu la Al Mukhadima au utangulizi wa Kumbu-Hifadhi. Sasa Raisi kiongozi lazima aanzie hapo. Pili Lugha asili lazima zipewe nafasi kubwa Zaidi katika ujenzi wa lahaja ya Taifa. Kama sisi watanzania tunayo nasibu kubwa kupitia lugha ya Kiswahili. Tatizo naona lugha asili zinapewa nafasi ndogo. Wengi wetu hatuoni fahari tukiongea Kiswahili pasipo kuweka aghlabu, mathalani, nusura,Raisi nk.’ Haya ni maneno ya kiarabu. Au protokali, agenda, birthday ,automatic( hata siku yakuzaliwa yatushinda kutamka! )Sio kosa letu, tumepata taarifa katika mizizi ya mfumo wa hao wageni. Mpaka akisha enda Ulaya mtu, akiwa muislamu au mkristo ndio utu wake umekamilika’ hahahahha! Sio makosa yetu, ndugu hawa waliotupeleka utumwani walitulazimisha kufanya hivyo. Lugha ni utaratibu, ukiitumia unajiratibisha ndani yake bila kupenda ! Pia kuafiki matendo ya aliyekupa. Athari yake ndio hii mpaka leo. Lugha ni ujuzi mtakatifu..walisema makuhani wakufunzi wa Khemet ya Zamani. Kwa kumsaidia Raisi kiongozi atambue na kuwajibika katika ukweli kwamba Dunia yetu leo kwa ujumla wake imekuwa na Kumbu hifadhi tatu: Ya Mweusi kama kongwe zaidi, ya Mrumi, Mgiriki na ile ya Mwarabu. * ukiiweka kando ile ya mchina..ambapo warumi na jeuri yao yote walichemka ..tena walikuwa mabwana wadogo tu..kwa Uchina! Leo hizo ndio lugha za msingi za kitaaluma duniani, hizo mbili za awali zikiwa Mama wa Kiingereza ambayo ndio lugha mashuhuri kuliko zote Duniani! Kwa hivyo utakuta katika Taaluma, msingi wa marejeo unakuwa Kilatini na kigiriki. Lakini kile kikemeti cha zamani, kilichowafunza ndugu hawa, kimefutwa. Sio masihara, kanisa la Romani liliwaua wengi makuhani wa Khemet miamba ya ujuzi na maarifa ya zamani, walionusurika wakakimbia na kujificha na ujuzi wao. Lakini hiyo ni Baada ya kuiba maarifa ya kutosha, yaliyo baki waketengeneza taaluma waliyoiita Egyptology eti utafiti wa ustarabu wa zamani wa Egypt, neno lenyewe Egypt ni makosa ya matamshi ya Kigiriki,  Asili Mji uliitwa Haweti Kapti. Wao kwa kushindwa kutamka, na kudharau kujifunza wakatamka Aeguptos na kwa makosa wakaiita nchi yote. Wakemeti waliita Lugha yao Medewi Neteri[4] Au kama nilivyoshasema tayari maneno matakatifu na mji wao Khemet au nchi nyeusi. Sasa unashangaa, kwanini hakuna Romanology na Greecology?  Warumi nao wakaendeleza mwendo ule ule na kuliita bara Africa, kutoka neno la Kikhemeti Afr  lililomanisha chemka au kuchemka! Kwa Jua kali na Joto walilolikuta kule! Kupunguza ustaarabu wa mtu mpaka kuwa somo lakuchunguzika! Sasa Kwa Raisi wangu Kiongozi lazima uyathamini haya! Asili ya Babu zetu na rangi yao ya mwili limekuwa jambo la kubishaniwa katika harakati za kutunyang’anya urithi wetu. Kwa nini masanamu ya wakhemeti hayakuwa meupe kwa kujengwa na Marumaru? Bali majengo yao mengi na masanamu walitumia rangi ya udongo na udongo wenyewe, shaba na chuma, wakipaka rangi nyeusi? Wao mbona masanamu yao ni meupe? Haifichiki kabisa , katika kumbu-hifadhi ya zamani kumekuwa na watu watatu duniani, mweusi wa kale kabisa, wa mashariki, na wamagharibi,  ambae ni mzazi wa Hawa wazungu wa leo ama Wa Aryani! watu wa Kaskazini. kila mmoja akiwa na sehemu yake mahsusi kabisa kijiographia, inayombainisha, mweusi ni wa kusini mwa tufe: bara na ustaarabu wake wa Khemet. Katika kitabu cha Hekalu La Khemet waandishi wameyasema haya kwa kina na ubaga. Ile inaitwa jadi na asili, wao wakaita upagani ndio msingi wa ustaarabu wote na wa dunia. Na kama wetu ni upagani wao ni upagani ulionakshiwa. Raisi Kiongozi pamoja na kutoa kipaumbele kwa Lugha za asili kuchangia kwa upana Lugha ya Taifa pia aruhusu ibada ya imani za jadi , itakayo boreshwa kukidhi mahitaji ya sasa. Na huyo mganga wa Kienyeji asidharauliwe bali awezeshwe. Kama zilivyokuwa Imani za kidini, matibabu ya kisasa yana deni kubwa kwa waganga wa kienyeji. Katika kumbu hifadhi ya Kale hawa ndio walikuwa makuhani waliobobea katika maarifa. Raisi asiishie kwenda kwa waganga na mafundi kifichu fichu. Awape heshma yao.  Mfumo mzima wa Elimu uyazingatie haya. Kuanzia hapa sasa akishayajua haya Raisi kiongozi, Jiji la Dar es Salaam lirudie jina lake la asili la Mzizima. Mwarabu na dini yake, tunamuheshimu sana, lakini alitukuta hapa na mambo yetu. Na sio tu hapo, tuite miji, mashule, majengo, barabara , sehemu na vituo vingine kwa majina ya Wahenga wetu. Hivyo zile Baraka na asili yetu zitaturudia. Na hatimaye tutaikomboa Khemet nzima. Si tu pale Misri! Kituo cha Mamlaka ya Bara la weusi cha Magharibi. Waakawapa waarabu Manomadi wajangwani wale, na kuitumia dini ya Kiislamu na Ukristo kutugawanya na kututenganisha. Asili ya Ukristo na Imani nyingi karibu zote zingine ni Sisi hapa.Tembea makaburi yote uangalie, utaiona mingi misalaba, je unajua maana yake? Ni Ule ufunguo wa Khemet, ishara siri ya Khemet au ANKH[5] , Dhana iliyoibwa na Warumi nakutengeneza dini ya Kikristo wakichanganya upagani wao, imani jadi za mababu zetu na Imani za kiyahudi. Musa Mwanzilishi wa Imani ya Juddism na mkumbu hifadhisha wa kwanza mgeni wa kumbu hifadhi ya Babu zetu alikulia Khemet, kwenye jumba la mfalme, akiandaliwa kuwa Farao, akajifunza mambo mengi mno. Wayahudi hao wana wa Israeli wanaingia Khemet kama Manomadi wachunga kondoo wa nyikani, wanatoka wakiwa wamestaarabika, wamejifunza Lugha yao hiyo, kuandika, hesabu , kuweka kumbukumbu, mpaka Sanaa ya maziko kama inavyothibitika katika Biblia. Khemet Lilikuwa jiji Mashuhuri la kale. Leo ilikuwa kama ilivyo kwetu kwenda Ulaya. Wengi wetu tuna amini maisha mazuri ya Ustaarabu, taratibu na Demokrasia yako Ulaya. Hivyo ndivyo Ilivyokuwa Khemet ya zamani. Mataifa yalipogombana walitafuta suluhu, ama mkono wa ulinzi Khemet. Na walitoa ushuru kwake. Yesu huyo mtu mashuhuri kabisa katika Ukristo alikulia Khemet. Yeye amekaa Uyahudi mara mbili tu : Kwanza baada ya kuzaliwa, pili aliporudi amekamilika kufanya kazi yake, miaka mitatu tu, na akauliwa na WARUMI. Je hicho kipindi chote cha katikati alikuwa wapi, akiifanya nini? Khemet; Nchi ya Amani , salama ya makimbilio. Na tunajua katika maandiko ya Kale ya Khemet Yesu kwa Maana ya Assar alikuwa ametabiriwa. Na Judism ndio Baba ya Uislamu. Muhamadi anasoma vitabu vya Musa kwa msaada wa Wayahudi walioishi Arabia, anaanzisha Imani yake ya Kiislamu. AMBAYO IMEFANANA SANA NA Judism isipokuwa Machache tu! Nikisema ukristo ni upagani tusigombane. TAFUTA ASILI YAKE ULIKOANZIA. Ndio sababu mi nafurahi kuitwa mpagani, kwani kama iko imani yeyote ile nyingine, isiyoupagani, basi nionyeshe nitaifuata. Wewe ukiweka sanamu lako hapo wanakuita mpagani, kwao wameyajaza, lakini hawakwambii maana yake: ni walinzi na kumbukumbu ya ustaarabu wao (The Guardians) Wale pale sio kwao, ndio sababu asili, mila, desturi zao hazifanani na wale Babu zetu wa Khemet ya zamani. Wakijifanya kuhifadhi kumbukumbu za kale kumbe wanazifuta kimfumo ujanja! Wasomi wetu nao pamoja na majukumu yao yote mengine, kipaumbele waweke katika hili, katika kutafiti, kuibua na hatimaye kuunganisha hifadhi kumbu letu la kale na utu wetu wa leo. Raisi kiongozi awe Raisi wa watu, awe karibu na watu wake kwa kupitia haya. Wasomi wawakumbushe watoto utu wao wa kale, wasiendeleze kazi ya kuifuta. Kama mamluki. Raisi kiongozi ajikite katika kujenga Taifa zuri, kwa kutoa kipaumbele kwa upatikanaji wa huduma jamii bora zote mpaka vijijini. Na kuziitupilia mbali falsafa uchumi mbovu za udubwana miji (City Bourgeoisie) . Raisi afuatilie kila senti na shilingi imetumika kwa makusudi yake katika kujenga shule na upatikanaji wa Taarifa Bora. Miji ijengwe katika misingi ya ujenzi unaoibua taswira za asili yetu, kama babu zetu kwa masanamu na kumbukumbu za watu na matukio mashuhuri. Tusiishi kuishia kumbu hifadhi ya kisasa(Modern history) bali tuunganishwe na ile ya kati( Medieval,na ya kale:Ancient History) Daima nguzo kuu za msingi ni Tatu Babu zetu wakilijua hilo wakasimamisha mapiramidi yale, na Maegyptologist wanapuyanga lakini katu hawazing’amui siri za wazee wetu wale. Mabingwa wa Ishara na michoro ya kisiri (Mysteries and codes) au wanajua lakini wanaficha kwa makusudi. Raisi kiongozi awe mtu wa watu, ajenge nguvu yake kwa kuwapenda hawa watu na kuwafanyia mambo mema. Kuwe na Mabustani, watu wakapumzika na familia zao na wapenzi wao wakifurahia na kuipenda nchi yao, kwani nchi imewapenda wao kwanza, kwa neema zote na rasilimali, kwa nini ziwafaidishe wageni! Kwako wao wenyeji ‘kwao wao we mgeni,, hii inakuweje? Maktaba bora Zaidi ziongezwe na watoto wakumbushwe asili ya maandishi na vitabuni ni yao na bara lao, wala wao sio manyang’au bali baba wa ustaarabu. Tunapenda Amani lakini tutapigana kulinda utu na asili yetu. Ndio Raisi Kiongozi awe mtu mnyoofu kabisa. Biblia imethibitisha Mafarao walikuwa watu amini na wanyoofu.

Na Mungu akamwambia katika ndoto, ‘ Ndio najua ulifanya hivi kwa Uaminifu na unyoofu wa Moyo wako. Kwa hivyo hata mimi pia nikakuzuia usije nitenda dhambi’ Hivyo sikukuruhusu umguse’[6]

Nukuu ya Biblia katika kisa ambapo Farao alimpenda Sara Mke Wa Ibrahimu, Ibrahimu akihofia kuuawa anamdanganya Farao kwamba Sara ni Dada yake. Sio Kama msemo wa Waislamu eti ukiyastaajabu ya Musa utayaona ya Firauni, Farao walikuwa Viongozi adhimu na rahimu. Kilichowakuta Wayahudi ilikuwa ajali kazini. Wewe Kiongozi unalinda maslahi ya watu wako. Wakija watu miongoni mwako, wanazaana wanaingia kila mahali, utapata hofu ya kiusalama. Utajaribu kulitatua suala hilo. Ndivyo alivyofanya Farao yule. Lakini Hatuwezi kubatilisha mema yote kwa mabaya machache. Na hili liwe fundisho kwa viongozi wa leo Khemet!

Raisi Kiongozi onyesha mfano wa kuthamini asili yako, kwa kuthamini utamaduni mila na desturi. Japo Hata Mara moja Raisi Kiongozi vaa Mavazi ya Asili uwakumbuke Babu zako. Sio Raisi unagonga suti kuanzia mwanzo wa utawala wako mpaka mwisho! Eeh..heheh, Japo hata mara moja Shekhe! Sasa eti linatafutwa vazi La asili, umekuwa mradi, hata sijui umepotelea wapi! Mavazi tunayajua, ni kuvaa…Badala ya kuhudhuria hizo hafla za Binti Tanzania, mabinti wakivaa mavazi na vichupi vya Magharibi. Sisi tuna namna na mavazi yetu tele. Tazama michoro ya zamani ya wakemeti, wakati majirani zao hao wakiishi kama wanyama Wakhemet walikuwa wanavaa mavazi mazuri, na vito vya thamani.

nyerere asili

Mwalimu Nyerere Maramoja moja aliheshimu mavazi ya Jadi

Mwisho kabisa Raisi kiongozi wangu wewe ni Farao Jitambue unabeba si tu nchi, na roho za watu, wewe ni Kama Mungu au Mwakilishi wake kwao, unadhamana. Basi Ukawe na mpenda haki, mwaminifu, usipende udhalimu, Rushwa ikatae kabisa, ona ilikotufikisha leo.  Ukawe na nidhamu ya Kijeshi. Ukiisha kuhakikisha unyoofu wako, basi usiogope kuadhibu, hata kwa adhabu ya kifo. Kwa wadharau maonyo na wakiuka  maadili! Mwalimu wala mkufunzi hawezi kulala na mwanafunzi, wala mtu kumbaka mtoto. Toa adhabu kali, tena hadharani, Taifa zima lione, wajue tunaongozwa kwa misingi ya haki. Mbele ya sheria hakuna lele Mama. Tena ukaadhibu kwa Haki. Hawezi kuuliwa mwizi wa mbuzi na wananchi, mwizi wa pesa za kusaidia Hospitali ya wakina Mama akaachiwa tu hivi huru, eti unambadilisha Ofisi, hiyo ni dhambi na itakuchafua. Watu wakilalamikia hukumu yao inakuchafua. Asante sana Farao Wangu

Wako mwaminifu Kwa Ujenzi wa Khemet



Muswaada uko katika hatua za awali. Ukikamilika tutaarifiana. Raisi wangu usikose kukisoma kitabu ukawa Kiongozi mwema na adili kama Babu zako

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Times up Compaore! G. A. Mwaikoma

3rd November 2014


Those who brings you into power, same have the power to take you out.!And those who support you against the will of the people same will support the people against you when you time is up. History  be witness’ From Hosni Mubaraq, to Muammar Qhadafi, from Saddam Hussein, To Jonas Savimbi, of course no one becomes a President without the blessing of Das Capital interests. Capital interests spins the world. Is why No one cares how long Nyasingbe Eyadema stayed in  Power! So long as he has support from those in the high place. Nobody cared when he left  the office to his Son Faure Eyadema! But every one cares about Robert Mugabe, cause he violates the rule. Strange he is still alive, many like him end up dead. Sankara, Machel, Mondlane, Amilca Cabral etc. Africa shouldn’t rise up. It should stay in the bottom. For the capital interests! So we need as few Mandelas, and Sankaras,  Nyereres’  as possible but so very many Compaores…and we shall support them in every way, to keep Africa crippled!  But when you time is up, its up! You can not fool all the people all the time. Finally the Blood of the martyrs catches up with the murderers. Long live Thomas Sankara!sankara (1)